Tuesday, February 22, 2005
Ring the bell
In the words of the great poet laureate of my schoolyard days: Ring the bell, school's back in, sucka.

This is hard. And I'm a whiner. We now enter Week #3 and I have yet to find my rhythm. Hence the sketchy blogging. You see, the biggest problem came when I finished a project for work and then went a week and half until I received the next one. So now I'm working double-time to get caught back up. Behind in work results behind in school results sickening feelings of deja vu from last semester. I don't like it. But now that the school schedule is finally settled, here's the lineup:

Monday night, 6:30 pm - United Methodist Polity and Discipline
Nearly as exciting as it sounds, it's taught by the seminary president, who I think is a great guy, and he's extremely passionate about the subject, which helps. He's written large chunks of the Discipline and is big on reading the current version with a critical eye. This is one outlet this semester of exploring my future in United Methodism.

Tuesday, 1 pm - Inductive Bible Study of Ezekiel

It's the continuation of the IBS course I had last semester on Matthew. There's an IBS scholarship available for those enrolled in the IBS-II classes, so this was a must. Today there's a survey due of the whole book. Needless to say, I'm a bit behind on that. Grace, please. There's some really great stuff in Ezekiel, trust me. It'll be a lot of fun, if I can just get on top of it and give it all the love and attention it needs.

Tuesday/Thursday, 2:30 pm - Greek II
Due to previous experience, I tested out of the first semester of Greek here. Unfortunately, that means I'm diving right into the middle of the curriculum. Had a comprehensive vocab quiz the second day of class and that went over like a lead balloon. What's most frustrating about it is that there's no rhyme or reason to the method this author approaches the subject, unlike the way I learned five years ago. I'm a big boy, so I'll catch back up. Just a little time. The prof does get bonus points for introducing pronouns with a Schoolhouse Rock video.

Wednesday, 9 am - United Methodist Candidacy
Outlet #2 in exploring United Methodism. Here's a class that knocks out the candidacy step of ordination all in one semester in a corporate setting, which helps me from having to do it on my own time. There are some good dormmates in there, and that will provide relief from any tediousness. Just added it last week, so there again is that theme of being a step behind.

And then this past Saturday, Jeana and I made the drive up to Cincinnati where Vineyard Central was hosting a conversation with Eric Herron being a "missional worship artist." The discussion centered around what the terms "worship", "art", and "missional" mean and then how they all intersect. Aaron recorded the day and plans to have some of the edited audio up sometime this week. Stay tuned.

Not surprisingly, one theme that come up over and over again was relationships. The quote of the day:
I tell you, the more I think, the more I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people. --Vincent van Gogh

It was a great day of hanging out, chatting, meeting and re-meeting some good folks and seeing what that operation up north looks like. More photos to come.

And I had a very lovely Monday last week thanks to this lovely lady. I'm blessed.

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