Tuesday, May 03, 2005
Things I've done this week

Estes Chapel
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  • Cimbed to the top and stood inside the steeple there of Estes Chapel and got a birds-eye view of Wilmore.

  • Learned I have been offered a position as Resident Advisor in Larabee-Morris Hall for next year.

  • Drove out to Ft. Harrod, the first permanent settlement of the West, only to discover that there are state parks in Kentucky without hiking trails.

  • I've been leading a small group this semester through the Wild at Heart curriculum. Tonight's topic was "A Beauty to Rescue." In between video clips from Seinfeld (George: "I've got no hand!") and James Bond crushing the streets of Moscow with a tank in pursuit of his woman, I sandwiched this quote from Joseph Campbell, circa 1949:
    Woman, in the picture language of mythology, represents the totality of what can be known. The hero is the one who comes to know. As he progresses in the slow initiation which is life, the form of the goddess undergoes for him a series of transfigurations: she can never be greater than himself, though she can always promise more than he is yet capable of comprehending. She lures, she guides, she bids him burst his fetters. And if he can match her import, the two, the knower and the known, will be released from every limitation. Woman is the guide to the sublime acme of sensuous adventure. By deficient eyes she is reduced to inferior states; by the evil eye of ignorance she is spellbound to banality and ugliness. But she is redeemed by the eyes of understanding. The hero who can take her as she is, without undue commotion but with the kindness and assurance she requires, is potentially the king, the incarnate god, of her created world.

    I think the quote went over like a lead balloon. Memo for next time: More tanks. Less Campbell.

  • Listened to these humorous takes on "Purveyor of All Things Postmodern" and "Spiritual Director". I seriously know these people. And I salute them. (Thanks, Arlen.)

  • I mentioned last week about a certain evening I spent with some good company. Aaron has now posted some video from that dinner.

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