Thursday, July 21, 2005
Mother of Fridays
What's been on my mind this week, you ask? A whole lot of Romans, still, that's what. I'm still wading throught the 2000 pages of required reading.

Friday my 10-page exegesis paper is due.

Friday is my last day with my job.

Friday my family and I drive to New York to spend about 10 days in the Big Apple with my sister who has been staying the week there.

The only firm plans thus far include the Mets/Dodgers game on Sunday afternoon and the Yankees/Twins game on Tuesday evening. There are rumors of a side trip to Boston to see a Sox game as well. If only I could be so lucky. This is my first time to New York, so I'm looking forward to it.

I'll be taking my camera with me, but however will not be posting any further picutres to my flickr site until I have a new job to pay for their premium service. It seems I have maxed out how many pictures I can put there for free.

So tonight my parents arrive in Wilmore along with my brother and his wife. My parents will be meeting Jackie for the first time. I'd probably enjoy the evening much more if I had more of my paper finished. I could be a very long night.

I'll be taking the laptop with me hoping for wifi. It's New York City, for crying out loud.

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