Friday, July 14, 2006
Coming home
In less than two hours the sherut (a minivan-like taxi) will be picking us up from Jerusalem University College to take us to the airport. Our flight leaves Tel-Aviv at 11:40 pm. After a 13-hour flight across the Atlantic, a 7-hour time change, and a couple hours to run the customs gauntlet, we'll be landing in Cincinnati in at 9:30 Saturday morning.

It's been a serene and restful last couple of days for us, though we know the world around us is in turmoil. We spent the day yesterday sitting in a cafe in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem and wandering the endless labrynth of shops in the old city. Today I've spent mostly on the JUC campus doing laundry, packing and writing postcards. A group of us just finished watching the Count of Monte Cristo. It's been so long since I watched any movies.

We met up for dinner last night with our friends from Hebrew Union College who had been digging with us. They told us that while our field supervisors had gone back to the dig site to continue, the Israeli military had come in, ordered them to leave and closed the Tel Dan park. A section of the park caught fire at some point.

According to the Jerusalem Post, ketyusha rockets have landed as far south as Mount Hermon, Hazor and northern Galilee. Kiryat Schmona was the nearest town to where we had been staying. We have absolutely no second thoughts about leaving early. None at all.

For all the latest on what's going on in the north, I recommend the J-Post.

I should be back in Wilmore by noon Saturday.

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