Wednesday, August 09, 2006
Prayer and stuff
What are you doing on Saturday? I'll be here, and you should come, too. All the cool kids will be there.

a seminar
on liturgical prayer
learn and talk about the benefits of liturgical prayer.

helping to lead us will be dave nixon, founder of vineyard central in cincinnati
and abbot of an urban monastic household there.

sponsored by
vine & branches christian community
saint patrick's anglican church

at the home of alan & liz creech
4501 gillmoss lane
lexington, ky 40509
(you can find directions on or

8am to 12pm - saturday - august 12, 2006

please e-mail [this guy] if you have any questions. hope to see you there.


Pax vobiscum (Peace be with you)

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More people I know in the news
Ryan Byrne teaches archaeology at Rhodes College in Memphis. He was supervising all the pottery we found at Tel Dan. We had some good conversations about the legitimacy of a Solomonic gate at Hazor and the chances of the Angels and Mariners in the playoffs this year.

Ryan's hometown Memphis Commercial Appeal featured his version of the Tel Dan evacuation a couple of weeks ago. You can read the whole thing here.

"We had a nice vantage point," said Byrne, who returned to Memphis early last week.

"We were right next to the howitzers and had a nice view. You could see where the Israelis were shelling villages (in Lebanon) and you could see the Katyushas (Hezbollah rockets) going over.

"It's an interesting way to do archaeology. It's a loud way to do archaeology."

Also, Dr. Stone has a number of his photos posted now over on his blog, proof that I was indeed there.

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006
Dan and BAS

The Biblical Archaeolical Society has been revamping their website over the last months. Pretty slick.

One of the latest features is a "War Update", where various field supervisors have written up how their digs have been affected by the Israel-Lebanon conflict.

Here is part of what David Ilan, who was our supervisor at Tel Dan, says:
Our expedition was closed down Friday July 14th. We had planned to finish digging Friday July 21st.

Things began to go wrong late Wednesday morning, July 12th, when an Israeli howitzer battery located nearby began firing in the direction of Lebanon. This is not a new experience for Tel Dan veterans—artillery fire from Israeli artillery is a fairly frequent occurrence in the area and can usually can be attributed to maneuvers or single warning shots aimed far away from the site (a 155 mm howitzer has a range of 12 miles).

This time however, the shelling was continuous. Several volunteers began to worry.

You should read the rest here. You'll need to scroll down about halfway down the page to the July 24 entry. The rest of the entries make an interesting read about what happens when archaeology and current politics collide.

The above photo was taken July 12 from the lookout at Nimrod's Fortress. On the right is our tour bus, two Israeli humvess to the left (one out of frame) with smoke rising from Lebanon in the middle.

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Saturday, August 05, 2006
Vacation end/beginning

I'm back for good now in Kentucky after all the summer travels. I ran over some skunk roadkill on my way into Lexington today. Now my car stinks. This is how I know I am home again.

Jackie and I just returned from a week in Colorado with my family. We spent the week with Mom and Dad and Sarah. Grandpa and Grandma were there, too, and so were Jason and Kelly before they had to go back to Oklahoma for a friend's wedding.

There was much trail-hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park, picture taking, lounging in the cottage, book reading (or picture editing for me), smoothie slurping and mini-golfing in Estes Park. Saw Pirates 2, and thought it was far less exciting and fun as Pirates 1.

Most importantly, after 18 months of prodding and provoking one another to be far more interesting people than we had been previously and generally having a grand time of it all, I asked Jackie if she would be willing to join in the bonds of holy matrimony.

She said yes.

So that's pretty sweet.

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