Saturday, October 21, 2006

Found this while doing some research for tomorrow morning's study on Amos 5. This is from the Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture: The Twelve Prophets (p. 99). Sometimes I really wonder how the editors make the connections, because this bit really doesn't speak much to Amos 5:1-17.

Anyway, this is John Chrysostom from "Homilies on 1 Timothy 16":
I made heven and earth, he says, and to you I give the power of creation. Make your earth heaven. For it is in your power. "I am he who makes and transforms all things," says God of himself. And he ahs given to people a similiar power, as a painter, being an affectionate father, teaches his own art to his son. I formed your body beautiful, he says, but I give you the power of forming something better. Make your soul beautiful. I said, "Let the earth bring forth grass, and every fruitful tree."

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