Monday, September 03, 2007
Three years
It's been three years. Three years since I started scribbling in earnest in this place. Three years since Dan, Rich and I crammed as much as we possibly could into my car and I crossed the Appalachians--from the lively suburbs of northern Virginia to sleepy, contemplative Wilmore, KY.

The number of pages I've read and pages I've written, I don't want to count. A lot. It is safe to say I am not the same person that left Virginia. Not that those brothers and sisters I was walking out this faith thing wouldn't recognize me. Maybe they wouldn't. I hope they would. I'm scared to read through the archives of this blog back to those days. Maybe I wouldn't recognize myself. But there's been a great amount of chilling out, of refining some stuff, of getting some stuff healed. Sometimes I wonder how I ever went through 20 years growing up in church and four years at a Christian college never hearing the words "spiritual formation" or "social justice." I should probably write up some post, like, "The 7 Things I've Learned in Seminary." Wouldn't that be clever.

I was chatting with Mom on the phone the other day and she thinks this seminary thing has been good for me. I'd have to agree. Seminary isn't for everybody. But it seems to have suited me just fine. I think it's made me a better person. I hope it has.

I've been thinking about John Wesley's ideas about journaling as a "means of grace." And about what that means for a blog. What if it really is a tool by which the Spirit makes me more like Jesus? Heavy stuff. So I haven't hashed it all out yet. Maybe it means the end of this space. Maybe it means I take pen to paper and stuff it away for just me. Maybe it means I scribble here a lot more often.

Time will tell. Three years have told a lot.

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