Friday, July 16, 2004
43 days until moving day.
Something about creativity tickles my fancy.
From "Six Design Lessons From the Apple Store":
1. Create an experience, not an artifact.
2. Honor context.
3. Prioritize your messages.
4. Institute consistency.
5. Design for change.
6. Don’t forget the human element.

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Furthermore, IKEA is looking for a few good people (link via):
"WE'RE HIRING WHY-SAYERS. People who want to make things better. Make things more fun. More clever. People who aren't afraid of the boss. People who aren't restricted by convention, but challenged by it. People who fit perfectly at IKEA. Because it's the why that makes us successful."

Certainly, these are rich philosophies for retail. Are these ideas I can carry with me whenever I go to church, i.e., gather together with other Christians? Should I?
The Church is not a retail organization. It is people--people enriched by God, people enriched by each other. If the goal is manipulation and/or entertainment, then leave the creative philosophies with retail stores.
If however, it better equips to equip, serve and connect with the people around me and with God, then, by all means, let the creativity flow.

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