Tuesday, January 18, 2005
Return to the J.C.
Hell, I figure if Orange County merits the definite article, then Jessamine County certainly does. We can certainly stand toe-to-toe drama-wise.

I made it an 11-hour day (shh, don't tell mom) from Sand Springs to the J.C., making New Circle Road just in time for Lexington rush hour traffic and pulling into Wilmore just as the sun slipped below the horizon. No drama. A clear, sunny, frozen drive.

The drive is entirely flat until you reach the Kentucky border. There hills have been blasted out to make room for a level highway. Amongst the rocks have accumulated large icicles like long, ivory tusks.

The faces of a thousand walruses petrified in the rock wall.

Dad would have stopped to take a picture.

All that to say, I'm home safe.

posted by Peter at 1:36 AM
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