Wednesday, December 08, 2004
Make the widgets stop
Even if you've never seen Modern Times, surely you've seen the clip of Charlie Chaplin at work in the factory. He stands at the assembly line cranking out widgets. Gradually the conveyer belt speeds up, spins out of control, the Tramp furious fights to keep up. Chaos ensues and everybody gets a good laugh.

I can't think of a better picture of my semester with this week reaching the apex. Except I'm not laughing. Yet. Maybe next week.

So last night, the student life department sponsors a karaoke break time. I'm working like furious on a paper but I get sold on the fact that there's free breakfast. Nothing fuels an all-nighter quite like a greasy plate of breakfast food at 11 pm. Plus, lunch and dinner had been entirely too underwhelming.

For karaoke, I told my pal David I'd go up and do "99 Problems" by Jay-Z if he'd do it with me. Imagine our surprise when it wasn't in the machine. My Plan B was "Get Your Hands Off My Woman" by The Darkness. I would have dedicated it to Creepy Seminary Guy. But no dice. Perhaps I should be familiarizing myself with more seminary approved songs. Like "I Want It That Way." Or "Achy Breaky Heart."

And unfortunately, karaoke sans plethora amounts of alcoholic beverages is more sad display--like a rejected episode of American Idol--than true comic entertainment.

Now back to our regularly scheduled furious paper writing.

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