Monday, May 16, 2005
Stretch run

J and K
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Went to my first Reds game this summer with a couple of my favorite people last weekend--my brother Jason and his lovely wife Kelly. Couple of firsts occurred. I witnessed my very first Ken Griffey, Jr. home run. And the ladyfriend experienced her first ballgame with me. She says she had a great time, and I like to believe her.

So Wednesday night, I'm playing third base in the final intramural ballgame of the year. The ball goes the left and I back up to take the throw at third. The bag reaches out and grabs my cleat, flings me around through the air and slams me to the ground like a ragdoll in a move that would impress most fans of World Wrestling Entertainment.

I played the rest of the night on the bum ankle, but when I got home and took off my shoes, it was like one of those tribal kids with elephantitis in a National Geographic, like someone had inserted a tennis ball where the ankle used to be. The next morning I couldn't walk. Naturally, I then called up the doctor.

Ice. Elevate. Rest. Nothing was broken, but for a couple of days, my entire ankle and heel were shades of purple and black I don't recall from my 128-crayola set in 2nd grade. Still a little sore, but I'm walking fine now, thanks.

Oh yeah. And my volleyball team then won their championship game without me.

This week is finals. Greek is Wednesday. I have till Friday at 5 to turn in all my late work for Ezekiel.

So until then, adieu.

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