Friday, August 05, 2005
Back but unsettled
Back from vacation. Spent about 5 days in New York. Two in Boston. Saw some old friends. Saw some new friends. Several late night conversations were had. Many digital pictures were taken. I saw 3 baseball games in 3 stadiums in 6 days. And somehow stumbled into Cooperstown, NY on the very day and hour of the Hall of Fame induction ceremony. But just wait till I tell you how I scored the owner's seats in Fenway Park for nuthin'.

In the meantime, I wanted to share another bit about Paul that I was reading about. This is from Witherington's The Paul Quest:
Notice how we tend to misread a text like Philippians 2:12-13. Modern Western individualists have tended to see this as an exhortation to individuals to get on with earnest moral striving--but this overlooks the fact that Paul's you here is plural. Paul is saying, "Together, as a community, work out your [plural] salvation with fear and trembling." The community, not the closet, is the place where salvation is worked out, expressed, manifested in deeds of piety and charity (277).

It just makes me wonder what exactly this looks like -- this working out our salvation together in community.

At the moment, I'm feeling really unsettled. I have no job. I'm supposed to be taking an independent study course on New Testament interpretation this month, but the dates I meet with the professor are still up in the air. Partly because I'm trying to coordinate with the Methodist conference in Oklahoma to take care of some committee approval meetings for ordination. That's been a month in the works and still no details. So I'm taking things here a day at a time. It's to the point that I'm now planning the trip to Tulsa next week regardless of how the meetings get scheduled.

Had my first job interview in almost two years. I think it went well.

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