Monday, September 19, 2005
Who needs the Bible?
From The Living God by Thomas C. Oden:
Christian thology seeks to understand in a reflective and orderly way what God has revealed. It is not merely reading the Bible as such, although it presupposes having read the Bible. It seeks to put the many sentences, episodes, and maxims of the Bible in a whole, orderly, consistent statement about the overarching meaning of the message revealed in Holy Writ. There is no Christian theology without the Bible, yet there is no Bible without an inspirited community to write, remember and translate it, to guard it and pass it on, to study it, live by it, and invite others to live by it. The Bible provides means by which the Christian message can be received into the minds and hearts of each new generation. It is from the Bible that Christianity learns how God is revealed" (25).

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