Saturday, October 22, 2005
This week Kingdom Conference was in town - an annual celebration of worldwide ministry. The theme this year was "Creation Healed" and focused upon a theological understanding of environmentalism.

I attended a seminar yesterday about mountaintop removal, which seems to be a local ecological hot topic. Apparently, more than half of the nation's energy runs on coal mined in Appalachia, which includes much of West Virginia and eastern Kentucky. Twenty years ago, corporations found it to be much more efficient to blow off the tops of the mountains rather than dig underground. They then fill in the valleys with the debris, forever scarring the land as well as wreaking environmental havoc on the low-income communites that live in the hollows below.

Because of a prior engagement, I had to leave before the end of the talk, which was a bummer because the slideshow and video presentation were both pretty big downers. I understand that I missed the part about practical measures that can be done.

Here are some relevant links:
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