Thursday, October 06, 2005
Fall movies
This weekend I fell in love with the Kentucky Theater. Jackie and I went to see Broken Flowers. A guy played the wurlitzer organ as we waited for the movie to start. On Tuesday they showed Buster Keaton's The General with the live organ. This weekend they're showing The Goonies at midnight, and later in the month they're celebrating an international film festival and all the movies are $5, including the director's cut of Cinema Paradiso. How did I not get into this place before?

I've already been asked for the list of movies I'm looking forward to this holiday season, so here's ten I hope to see before the end of the year.

History of Violence (already released) trailer
Capote (already released) trailer
The Curse of the Were-Rabbit starring Wallace and Gromit (10/7) trailer
Elizabethtown (10/14) trailer
The Legend of Zorro (10/28) trailer
Jarhead (11/4) trailer
Walk the Line (11/18) trailer
Syriana (11/25)
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (12/9) trailer
Munich (12/23)

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