Wednesday, January 04, 2006
Got to spend some good time with family over the holiday break. I was in Tulsa for a week. An aunt, uncle and cousins from Richmond, VA came to town.

I was able to connect with Trey, an old friend, over some coffee. Trey's a Cardinals fan now living in Houston. We talked about such important things as where we were when Albret Pujols hit his home run of Brad Lidge. You know, The One.

Later that same day, I met a new friend, Terry, at the local Borders. And we talked of such things as episcopal monks, the Tulsa religious scene, emerging churches and centering prayer. He talked me into picking up a book by Tom Keating.

I also picked up a daily reader from Thomas Merton's journals. This I fear I must owe to influence of Creech Manor.

I found this jewel in the introduction by Jonathan Montaldo:

He [Merton] wrote journals to stay awake and attentive to the life he was being given in all its particulars and to archive his conversations with every individual thing in his life that had spoken a word to him for his salvation.

I don't go for New Year's resolutions, but I want to write more. I need to write more. To archive the conversations of my salvation. Be it with keyboard on a blog or pen and paper, this is a discipline I need not just for the exercise of my mind but of my soul.

Writing awakens me.

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