Monday, March 26, 2007
What everybody else said
Here's links to other perspectives on Thinspace. Because I wasn't the only one there.

Audio files on all the main sessions can be downloaded here.

I took some pictures. Not enough. Alan took more. So did Kevin. Glenn has a couple.

Alan wrote up what he shared in his breakout session about liturgy:

What about that word - organic? Let's think about that for a minute. Think about the natural world, organic life - how does that work anyway? It's certainly not formless or chaotic. Organic life has rhythm. It’s not accidental. It's not wherever, whenever, whatever. That's not organic. I think liturgy is organic. It is a rhythm of activity focused on God, on God in the community of His People the Church. It moves in seasons - like breathing, leaves falling, buds sprouting, freezing and thawing, mating and giving birth, etc.
Jackie's excited about engaging the neighborhood.

Kevin saw some answered prayer.

Tom felt some sense of belonging.

Amber feels intangibly different.

Steven made lots of friends (part one and then two).

Andy liked the liturgy stuff.

Will made it a roadtrip: Day 4, Day 5.

Lemme know if I missed somebody.


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