Thursday, February 22, 2007
The road warrior
It snowed on Saturday. All day.

I worked at the coffee shop. All day.

Driving home along the windy Hwy 68 at 5:30 pm, a dastardly road sign leaped from out of nowhere to attack my car. In an act of shameless bravado and instinctual self-defense, I found no other choice than to run the sign over with my car.

That should teach it a lesson.

But then my poor car did not emerge unscathed.

In the end, it may have been a final act of self-sacrifice. I received a call today from the body shop that the repair to the car exceeds 75% of the car's value. Apparently that was a solid gold headlight that got smashed. And in the state of Kentucky, such a proportion of repair-to-value equals "we put your car to sleep." Although, that final decision will come from the insurance company sometime tomorrow.

And so I await nervously for the phone to ring.

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