Saturday, April 21, 2007
I have this compulsive habit of bookmarking various sundry websites that I find interesting. There's always this intention that I may need it in the future. But more often than not, my bookmarks catalog in my browser turns into a junk drawer of sorts. So in the interest of posting something and clearing out the junk drawer, here are the last 10 sites I bookmarked.

  • Windstream Residential
  • - This is a practical one. Jackie moved into our new place last weekend. I really don't think I'll be able to go without internet. I should probably call them on Monday.
  • Starbucks Gossip
  • - Chad and Meredith pointed this out to me. Today was a day of answering absurd questions in the drive-thru. Exhibit A: A young woman purchases $11 of ridiculously personalized coffee and pastries, half of which she ordered after pulling up to the window. She hands me a 50. "Can I have the change all in one-dollar bills?" I refuse as politely as I can. Probably not quite as politely as I could have. Exhibit B: Customer: "Yeah, I want a grande latte with a shot of espresso in it?" Me: "So that's a triple grande latte." Customer: "No, I want latte with a shot of espresso." Me (interior monologue): "What does this dude think a latte* is?" Me: "So that's a single grande espresso." Customer: "No, I want three shots." Exhibit C: Customer: "Let me tell you what I want. I want whatever carbonated beverage you have, Coke, Pepsi, whatever, and I what a shot of espresso in it." Me: Pause. Stunned silence. "Um, no, sorry, can't do that."
  • Biblical Archaeology Review
  • I subscribe to the print version. Every once in a while there's some interesting stuff on the site.
  • Out of the Park Developments
  • This is where I confess my geekery outlet. As if the archaeology magazine weren't enough. "Hi. My name is Peter, and I play in an online simulated baseball league. And my team is beating Scott's."
  • Hebrew Union College
  • I think I may apply here for post-grad work. Their Jewish Institute of Religion in Cincinnati is only about 4 miles from these people.
  • Church Planter Boot Camp
  • This is what I'm doing this week in Virginia. There's a ragtag handful of us at The Rock talking about planting. We'll see where this goes.
  • ACE Weekly
  • Lexington's local indie rag. Sometimes I try to figure out what do for the weekend in Lexington.
  • Baseball Reference
  • Only about the most amazing website created EVER. And now it's even more amazing since the stats are updated daily.
  • Bored Again Christian
  • Here's a podcast, I think I found while rooting around It's indie rock with a spiritual twist. And when I say "spiritual", I don't mean "boring."
  • Take Away Shows: Arcade Fire
  • How many musicians can you fit in an elevator? Enough for the Canadian band to perform "Neon Bible." Then they step out into an ocean of fans before a show in Paris to play "Wake Up" into megaphones. "That was really fun," you can hear as the credits roll at the end of the video. Indeed. This is why I love music.

*(for the uninitiated, I'm only rude in my head to customers who pretend like they've ordered their drink since they were 3 years old, but fake it very badly. A latte is shots of espresso and steamed milk.)

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