Monday, September 17, 2007
Deuteronomy 10 study guide: 9/17-9/23
At the church we're reading Deuteronomy. It's a way to be formed and shaped together reading the Scriptures together. Here's the plan for the week.

What God Wants
Deuteronomy 10:1–22

Read 10:1–5
How does God respond to Moses’ actions in the previous chapter?

Read 10:6–11
What do think verses 6–9 are here?

What is significant about God’s speech in verse 11? What does this say about God?

Why does God listen to Moses?

Read 10:12–16
List out the things that God asks in verses 12–13. What are important about these?

Is there an application to Christians today regarding the conversation about believing right things and doing right things?

Read 10:17–22
Why does God include the orphan, widow and stranger in his title in verse 18? What does this say about God?

Why are they asked to love the stranger, in verse 19?

Think about the “strangers” you might interact. What do you think loving them looks like?

Read Romans 2:17–29
What do you think this passage has to do with Deuteronomy 10?

Keep in mind that Paul is at the beginning of constructing an argument about how Jewish Christians and Gentile Christians get along.

According to Paul, what is the point of circumcision?

Read all of the passage 10:1–22
What would you say this whole passage is about?

How does this chapter help us better understand what it means to love God with our whole heart?

Remember that chapters 4–11 in Deuteronomy are one continuous sermon. How does chapter 10 fit with what came before in chapters 4–9?

Sunday @ 10 a.m.
Join the discussion at the church downstairs.

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