Sunday, August 29, 2004
Day One
Rolled into campus at straight up 5. The trip was 10 hours on the nose. The car was packed so tight with stuff, I'm convinced that had I wrecked the car, I swear, it would have popped like a pinata. I'm sitting here amongst it all now wondering how I'll fit a roommate in here. And here I was wanting to simplify my life. I may be getting a nudge as there's but two electrical outlets for my plethora of electrical equipment.

The floor was empty when I arrived, and I called John. Enlisted him to haul my stuff from the car, into the building, 'round the spiral staircase, first door on the right. Kentucky is every bit as humid as Virginia, and it proved so with an exclamation point when the heavens opened just as we'd finished--a thunder and lightening storm of fantastic proportions. I had the pleasure of witnessing it first hand in a memorable way.

After returning from a bite to eat, I had just begun to assess the unpacking/settling in task at hand (an overwhelming one if ever there was), when the fire alarm pierced the entire building. Thusly, I met a handful of floormates, none of whom's names and faces I can now connect. "Hi, my name is Steve" simply fails to register for me after the duress of a ten-hour drive and unpacking experience interrupted by a half-hour break standing in a torrential downpour. But then, I can be a real grouch sometimes. Great way to make the seminary first impressions.

The perpetrator turned out to be a young North Carolinian--drawl and all. He strikes me as the kind of person who laughs at his own jokes and repeats them again and again... and again... just in case you missed it the first time. Or the second time. He was getting quite a kick out of the fact that he had set his microwavable rice bowl aflame in the community microwave. Even borrowed some guy's cell phone to call Momma and relay "the hysterics." Real hysterical. Dude has some serious character potential.

Some random thoughts on this morning's readings:
Psalm 138: YHWH will fulfill his purpose for me. My daily mantra. The of the hour is "Why am I here?" Wilmore, that is. I live in faith that He will reveal it just as soon as I stop pestering about it.

A voice retorts, "Why does that matter? You are here. Now, live."

Yes, sir. I'll get right on that.

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