Tuesday, September 28, 2004
Ichiro! just collected his 252nd hit. Just 5 more to the record with less than a week of the season left. I'm listening to my first M's game in over a week. Of course, they're losing.

Remind next time no intramural basketball (pair of 20 minute halves, no subs, no timeouts) when in a condition that has absorbed half a bottle of Robitussin over the last three days. The cough is still there, though less. I swear, once I'm over it, I'll have the tightest abs I've ever had. But right now, after basketball, I feel like crap.

That coupled with a general feeling of malaise and non-motivation means the summary/outline of Matthew will have to wait till tomorrow. I did title each of the chapters, so I can say that I accomplished something.

I was challenged to a tennis date. Okay, "date" isn't the right word. Neither is "challenged", either. More like I jokingly offered to be target practice, and the young lady called my bluff. This can all be explained by events that transpired on Friday. I started writing about it, but couldn't finish the post. It needs polishing. It could be good. It could be corny. I want it to be good. Really good.

Saturday was spent with the VBCC gang in Cincy for the Celtic Festival. Debi's got all the lowdown over at her site, as well many photos, including my baptism by Irish whiskey (shh, don't tell the seminary).

And while my dorm is far from "home" exactly, nobody says it ain't photogenic.

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