Wednesday, September 22, 2004
Late night rambling
And I wake up yesterday and my throat feels like I swallowed a lit match. As if I really needed an excuse to not got running at 6 am. So I kill the alarm and roll over. And I wake up again at 10. This is not a good thing as Monday is a full work day and I accomplished a whole 5 pages of reading over the weekend with 150 more to go and a 2-4 page paper due today on it. This whole "I'm back in school" thing just hasn't quite kicked in yet, I guess. Go figure, man. And there was a run to Wal-Mart to acquire some Chloraseptic, stuff that looks like Cherry Kool-Aid but numbs your throat for about 5 seconds before wearing completely off.

I give a shot to working outside. God, it's a gorgeous day. There's this tree I can see from my bedroom window across the street on the college campus. (My room faces N. Lexington Ave., the main drag of Wilmore, and right across the avenue is Asbury College, in no way affilliated with the seminary.) So I sit at the foot of the tree. Within five minutes, I'm covered in crawling ants. It's so bright outside I can't hardly see the screen of my laptop. And the wireless connection keeps tricking out. So much for working outside. This doesn't last long at all, and then I head to the library. After dinner, I just sat on my bed and threw open the windows (I've got them facing west and north, the only room in the dorm with two windows). The illusion of outdoors is almost there.

Anyway, the paper got written this morning, but I'm stuck in "behind mode." I've got 4 chapters to read still for my 8 am class tomorrow and it's already 2:15. That and I still can't shake the feeling of ants crawling all over me, still a day later.

My Star Wars DVD arrived today and I hate George Lucas. You know the scene at the end of Return of the Jedi where the ghosts of the three Jedis say hi to Luke? Well, Hayden Christiansen has been superimposed over the old Anakin from the original film. I'm not even Sebastian Shaw and I'm pissed. I would think there's got to be some sort of SAG regulations about that, but then Shaw's dead and George Lucas gets to do whatever he damn pleases because he's God Almight George Lucas, right?

Tonight was VBCC night, and it rocked as usual. We meditated on the opening verses of 1 John 3. What struck me especially was the exclamation point at the end of that first verse. I can't think of any other place in Scripture where that punctuation is utilized. Of course, Greek doesn't have exclamation points, but without looking it up (please pardon my slothfulness at 2:20 am), I recall the language to be quite strong indeed. How mind-blowingly awesome is it that God calls us his kids. His kids. Not prayer partners. Not co-pilots. Not employees or slaves. Not bosses or masters. Not ministers or priests.

What old man John wants his church and us to know is that God wants us to be his kids. We're family. Kids are messy, obtrusive, obstinate, fussy, boisterous, selfish, lacking in perspective, sincere, painfully honest, adorably cute (especially when they're somebody elses kids), bold, sincere, imaginative, inquisitive, involved, active, resilient, captivated by the moment.

God wants me to be his kid. Yes, that is what I am.

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