Wednesday, November 17, 2004
My brain on a month of 4-hours sleep
I don't know about you, but I'm excited. Why, you ask? Because Alexis is blogging. Girl can write. And cook. I miss my Tuesday night dinners at the Colsons. Alexis gets extra props for having to raise this turkey.

So yesterday I dragged Jack and Jonathan along for a ride to Southgate House in Newport to see Pedro the Lion. Great show. Spacious, moody venue, and the first time I've seen Pedro with a keyboardist. Added some new texture and made tunes like "Magazine" possible. That's the one I haven't been able to get out of my head all day. Today my clothes are still radiating cigarette smoke.

Unfortunately, the crowd didn't quite get into the Q&A session as the last show I saw. One such exchange:

Girl in Balcony: Play "Options"!
[silence, as Pedro doesn't do requests]
Girl in Balcony: OPTIONS!!!!!
Girl on Floor: Shut up!
Pedro: So, are you guys going to fight about it?

Before the show as we waited in line outside the house, a group of maybe four fellas walks down the steps past us and across the street. The guy trailing in the back with a beard and dark hoodie brushed past me. Only the split second too late do I think to say, "Hey, Mr. Dave Bazan. How are you doing?"

Was a two hour drive up to Cincy and there's a stretch of US75 where you turn a bend, go over a hill and then, bam, big city skyline glowing in the night. Gorgeous. I think there was angelic voices humming in the background. I need to go back for exploring. Hey, Hebrew Union College has a PhD program for OT Biblical Studies, and it's in Cincinnati.

As it is, my brain is fried. I've got Church History test #2 out of 3 on Thursday with roundabout 200 pages yet to read. This is the stuff between Chalcedon and the dawn of the Middle Ages. Also got a detailed observation of Matthew 16:24-28 for inductive Bible study class due on Thursday. If I can just make it through Thursday...

Next week is "reading week", and that means no classes. Thus, I'll be driving the 12 hours to Tulsa on Friday for the next week and a half. I'll be calling it "sleeping week".

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