Sunday, January 23, 2005
Interplanetar Travel
Words fail completely in communicating the sharp contrast between my present home in Wilmore, KY and my previous one in Northern Virginia. At the risk of sounding extrememly geeky, it's something akin to traveling from the Shire to Minas Tirith.

I arrived Friday evening just in time for rush hour traffic on the blessed Beltway. Six hundred red brake lights staring back at me like the eyes of six hundred glaring demons in the night.

Friday, my car was so covered in salt it looked like a very large, dirty snowball. And then it snowed--about four inches in two hours on Saturday. Now the effect is complete.

Dan, Rich and I spent the day snowed in on Saturday, but we braved the inclement weather to find dinner. We settled on the Dragon House Restaurant. The only other patrons in the restaurant were a pair of ping pong players going at it on a professional-looking table. I felt like I'd walked into a movie. And this was some center of the underground table tennis world. At any moment I expected some Chinese mafia to walk in. But there was only the waiter with the General Tsao's chicken. My imagination still thinks he was something more than just a waiter.

I'm here for the next two weeks to visit friends and collect the rest of the stuff I left here back in August.

Most Random Sign of the Roadtrip:
"Noah's Ark Being Rebuilt Here"

Which leads me to wonder: Do the good folks of western Maryland know something the rest of us don't?

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