Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The show, pt. I
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Saturday, Jackie and I traversed our way from parochial Wilmore to the river town Covington, on the Kentucky side of Cincinnati. We explored the levee, where a humble Irish festival was taking place. The weather was oppresively hot, and we ate crazy overpriced, greasy hamburgers at Johnny Rockets.

Then we met up with Joe and Jon, who had just finished interviewing Matt of Aqualung. I had my first non-alcoholic alcoholic beverage, in keeping with the seminary ethos statement. It will be my last. I'd rather drink a diet Coke with urine next time.

So then we walked to the Mad Hatter for the evening's tunes. Cary Brothers opened. I was quite thankful for the mellow mood as my head was splitting from the heat earlier. I was only familiar with their single "Blue Eyes" from the Garden State Soundtrack.

Aqualung played a great set. Made me think of Coldplay minus the U2 plus more piano. Matt, who played an electric baby grand and sang, was chatty between songs, offering glimpses into the songwriting process. Much music can be streamed from his website.

As for school, the June class on Theological Hermeneutics is complete. Got my grade today, and I'm pleased. I've already started the reading for my July class, exegesis of Romans. There's a 5-6 page paper due the first day of class in two weeks comparing the approaches of two books. Last night I finished reading the first one.

I've got quite a few of my pictures moved over to flickr now. There's a couple of ways to access them. There's the main page. Or you can check them out by calendar. Or by using the categorical tags. I'm still adding more.

And I've also done some rearranging of some links over on the right, so be sure to check that out, too.

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