Thursday, July 07, 2005
Strange and beautiful
Joe has a brand new snazzy redesign of his music blog Each Note Secure.

He also has posted his interview with Matt Hales, a.k.a. Aqualung, from last week when Mr. Hales was in town...

Well, what I need is some space, time, and ideally a piano. Although that is really only part of the process. There is a whole other part that happens in my head. I tend to start things off at the piano, but it doesn’t go very far, I let them kind of incubate in my head for awhile. So, at times, the tour bus can be a perfect environment in the process because I cannot write, so I’m forced to let that incubation period continue. And then ill get home and the songs that have been incubating will usually get finished quickly.

Previously, Joe had this to say about Aqualung's latest release Strange & Beautiful...

I think if Chris Martin ever decided to do a solo album and stick with “Yellow” type songs, it would sound alot like this. Maybe it’s the British affinity between the two, I’m not sure, but it’s certainly meant as compliment, at least in this instance.

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