Friday, September 23, 2005
Random link day, pt. I
I have snot issues.

My head is leaking all over the place. I've gone through an entire box of Kleenex and I'm taking enough pills to feel like I belong in a convelascent center.

Over the past weeks I've been collecting some interesting links. Here are a couple.

  • For local Wilmoreans, the city is having photo contest for their 2007 calendar. I sure hope the grand prize winner gets to light up the city Christmas tree. Because that kind of motivation would really get my creative juices flowing.

  • The coolest thing about this collection of useless baseball cards is that I remembering having nearly all of them. Except for the dirty moustache Jose Canseco one.

  • A group of really really smart Christian academics (including Asbury seminary professor-on-hiatus Chuck Gutenson) have begun a group blog think tank about the Church and Academy. Its really really smart stuff.

  • Kyle takes on some confusion of the semantics of "emerging":
    If I may be but a little flippant, some people are using candles and incense and celebrating the Eucharist because it's cool. Others have been doing it because we've been doing it for two thousand years.

  • I look forward to new Cameron Crowe soundtracks nearly as much as Cameron Crowe films. The man knows how to make a mixtape. And while Elizabethtown doesn't open for another three weeks, the soundtrack is available in a streaming fashion right about here. And for those curious, E-town is a mere two-hour drive from Wilmore.

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