Saturday, October 29, 2005
Odds and ends
Tonight we went to the sand dunes. "What the flip were you doing at the sand dunes?" Well, I'm glad you asked. Who knew Lake Michigan had sand dunes? Jackie and I are in northern Indiana this weekend taking a break and visiting her folks.

I let the gelid water of the Great Lake seep between my toes. It's unnatural for sand to be that cold. You'd think you were looking out on the ocean until you turn around and see all the rocks and trees.

Wednesday night in intramural softball I broke a bat. Aluminum bat. The barrel helicoptered over second base and nearly took out the shortstop. I wound up with a single. Everyone was shocked in amazement. It turned out to be a bad omen, though. We lost 27-4 to a team that hadn't scored 20 runs all season.

Father Alan has been busy working on the Vine and Branches Rule of Life...
Sections 1-3
Sections 4-5

Man, oh man, am I genius. I finally figured out how to get La Roca's sermons online. More will be forthcoming.

Jason and I went to Gethsemani last Saturday. Of course, I took pictures. I even wrote about it on the Asbury blog.

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