Wednesday, November 02, 2005
Zao Water

I met Dave while blogging about the Mariners. Turned out we had more in common than we first thought. He works with a church plant in Winston-Salem. I bought his digital camera from him, and we hung out together one weekend in DC awhile back.

Now he and some friends in North Carolina have started a non-profit called ZAO Water for the purpose of providing fresh water to the impoverished nations of Africa. He writes on USS Mariner,
In order to raise funds, ZAO has entered the retail bottled water business (again, as a non-profit organization). We have an artisan well in North Carolina and are working to build our own bottling facility which will allow us to produce millions of bottles of ZAO water every year for retail sale, competing with Dasani, Aquafina, Le Bleu, etc… The price for ZAO water is extremely competitive; $1 for a 15 ounce bottle or $9 for a 24-bottle case. The difference? Every dime of profit that comes from the sale of bottled ZAO water goes directly to providing fresh water for people who badly need it in Africa. You get water, they get water, and everyone wins.

A donor has pledged to match every dollar raised from now until the end of the year up to the $500,000. You can read about that here, and here's the link for ZAO's fledgling webpage.

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