Monday, February 20, 2006
So I had a chat Saturday with Jackie's dad about my long-term ambitions with our relationship. He's down with it. Very supporting and encouraging.

So that was cool. And Jackie was quite pleased.

Then in the church service Sunday morning, her dad had asked some couples to share their proposal stories. After several had shared, he asked if there were any others that he had asked and forgot about. I hear a female voice from the back of the church: "Ask your son-in-law!"

"Umm," he replies, his embarrassment showing in the tips of his ears. "I don't have a son-in-law."

So that was kinda awkward.

He did ask me to present the Word of the Lord at the evening service, where I set the record straight. I would have invited you all, but I pretty much repeated the "Messiah Looks Like a Tree" stuff from below. So you didn't miss much. I did add a tie-in to 1 Samuel 4, where the Israelites try to use the ark for their own benefit and wind up losing it. More on that limiting God to our expectations theme. A little old lady gave me a hug afterwards.

We'll be driving from northern Indiana back to Wilmore here in an hour or so.

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