Friday, March 17, 2006
Schoolwise, I'm ready to run away and hole up in a cave.

Oklahoma lost today. That just totally screwed my bracket.

Team USA was eliminated from the World Baseball Classic. So much for America's past-time.

I've received a partial scholarship to go to Israel this summer and dig in the dirt. Dr. Stone has pictures of the site. I'll probably write more about another day. I may even beg for money on that day.

Ever wonder what Jesus did for those 40 days in the wilderness? I guess this guy did, too.

Get ready, get set... an emerging cohort is coming to Wilmore/Lexington. You should come.

Terry tells us what St. Patrick's Day is all about, Charlie Brown.

For those that practice the discipline of praying the Psalms, I offer this choice nugget from Athanasius:
And, among all the books, the Psalter has certainly a very special grace, a choiceness of quality well worthy to be pondered; for, besides the characteristics which it shares with others, it has this peculiar marvel of its own, that within it are represented and portrayed in all their great variety the movements of the human soul.

It is like a picture, in which you see yourself portrayed, and seeing, may understand and consequently form yourself upon the pattern given
. Elsewhere in the Bible you read only that the Law commands this or that to be done, you listen to the Prophets to learn about the Savior's coming, or you turn to the historical books to learn the doings of the kings and holy men; but in the Psalter, besides all these thing, you learn about yourself.

You find depicted in it all the movements of your soul, all its changes, its ups and downs, its failures and recoveries. Moreover, whatever your particular need or trouble, from this same book you can select a form of words to fit it, so that you do not merely hear and then pass on, but learn the way to remedy your ill.

Prohibitions of evil-doing are plentiful in Scripture, but only the Psalter tells you how to obey these orders and abstain from sin. Repentance, for example, is enjoined repeatedly; but to repent means to leave off sinning, and it is the Psalms that show you how to set about repenting and with what words your penitence may be expressed.

(from "The Letter of Athanasius, Our Holy Father, Archbishop of Alexandria, to Marcellinus on the Interpretation of the Psalms")

Now, go Golden Eagles! Expect a miracle!

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