Thursday, September 30, 2004
Giving In
In finally did it. I give up. Like every other red-blooded American male I see no need for professional medical care until Death is knocking on the door. It's been well over a week of this hacking cough, and maybe that's a rapping on the door. So, I've got an appointment tomorrow at 10:15 at the Jessamine County Health Center. Wish me luck.

It's been long enough now to start wearing on me emotionally. I can't remember ever being this sick before. I'm needing more sleep, which is cutting into studying time, and I'm falling just enough behind to feel the initial pangs of panic.

Softball was a welcome reprieve this evening. We won, though I didn't participate much offensively. I scored a run, but didn't pop the ball out of the infield in three tries. I did make a sweet pick-and-throw at third, but the next inning botched two in a row. I juggled the first one fourteen different ways before making an off-balance throw too late. Next pitch, same grounder I charge, tip the ball and go tumbling head over heels in the dirt. Runners score. At least I got dirty.

I wrapped up the post about my encounter Friday evening. You can now either scroll down to it or just click the link. Be forewarned, it is 1000+ words.

And Kyle has recapped his version of the events as they occurred at the Celtic Festival from Saturday.

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