Monday, October 25, 2004
People days
If there's a theme for the weekend, it's people.

Woke up Friday at ten-till-ten for a counseling session I could have sworn was at 9. So that was shot. I grabbed the laptop and headed outside to get in a couple hours of editing work done, but it was too cold on the stoop.

At noon, I met Alan for lunch. And after the gluttonous feast of the night before, where should we go? Best Buffet. But with a name like that, how can one refuse? It was a good time of General Tsao's chicken and conversation of life and church and all the joy and messiness therein.

Got back to campus at 1:30 and on my phone there's a message: "It's quarter after one. You were supposed to be here for counseling at 1." How could I miss it twice in one day? Thankfully she wasn't busy and I really didn't miss it at all. So that was good.

So I get back again at 3. I sit down to get started on work again. John comes in the door: "Wanna go get some coffee?" "Uh, I just sat down to work. So... aw, hell, sure." But the coffee shop in Wilmore closes at 3 on Friday, so we settled for an Ale81 at Subway. It's the local trendy beverage that's more hype than flavor. Anyway, we got caught up on all the stuff you can't talk about when you see each other everyday in class.

I did get an hour of work done before dinner. And another hour after dinner. Then I provided backup yet again for security as She made the weekly rounds locking up campus. I brought the laptop with me and that way afterwards we kept each other company during such a Friday night on the clock in what I will now forever refer to as the Scooby Doo room because of the freaky paintings on the walls.

I then spent the rest of the evening editing yet more Greek tags while watching Letterman with Maryann, Holly and Jack. And Holly and Jack for some reason together make me think of that last track on the White Stripes' Elephant album. And that kind of makes me chuckle.

Today after lunch with John and Grace, I visited St. Patty's with Audrey and Holly. This place I could go back to. It felt very... family. Today they celebrated a baby baptism (or "dedication" depending upon your semantics). Holly kept swatting my arm, "Isn't that the cutest baby you've ever seen?" "Yeah Holly. It's cute. That's what babies do." But really. This one was exceptional. She was the center of attention. And she loved it. Sitting there in mamma's arms waving her arms like she's about to take off across the room. I just knew she was going to freak out and lose it once she hit that basin of water, but no. It was like this was old hat. It was fun to watch.

And lastly, you should read the All-Baseball chat transcript of Saturday's Game 1 of the World Series, of which I volunteered for the Sisyphean task of editing. I botched it, running out of time for a timely post before Game 2, thanks to sleeping through my alarm... again. Ken deserves all the credit for its final form there.

Coming this week:
IBS segment survey of Matthew 13 due Tuesday
Book review due Wednesday (I read the entirety of the book Saturday)
Take home, 3-essay question, 6-8-page total mid-term due Wednesday
IBS reading assignment with 2-3 page reflection due Thursday.

I swear, this never stops.

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