Wednesday, October 27, 2004
What dreams may come
Was feeling pretty crummy after class today. Ever since that El Chico's on Sunday night my stomach has just not been the same. Not even after salad for dinner last night and nothing but salad for lunch today.

So, I thought I'd skip dinner, lay down for a bit before heading out to VBCC for the night. That would give me about an hour. I set my alarm. Yes, I woke up. No, I didn't feel any better. Plus, I was in groggy-still-asleep mode. Thus I rolled back over.

Next thing I know, this piercing wail violently rips, tears me from my needed slumber. It's 8:03 pm. I fumble over the buttons on the alarm clock. It won't go off. I work over all of the buttons. It won't go away. And why is it so loud and obnoxiously shrill? Now, I'm sitting up in bed, forcefully pounding on the alarm clock in the dark to no avail. I reach behind my bed and yank all the plugs from the wall. Nothing. Then it hits me.

Fire drill.

I grope in the dark for a pair of shoes. Wander groggily down the hall, wiping the drool from my face, fall down the stairs, out the door to find the rest of the dorm standing on the library portico. I'm the last one out. RA's #1 and #2 are giving me looks that say, "You're dead." Minute-45. That's how long I jousted with the alarm. RA's are disappointed and pissed. They later stopped by to apologize, as since my room is off the far stairwell, rather than in the hallway like everybody else, they forgot to come check my room.

Ah, dorm life. Ain't it grand?

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