Thursday, June 09, 2005
Cup o' coffee
I awoke this morning to the aroma of coffee. Some Vermont Maple variety of Millstone. I actually think what woke me was the paranoia of coffee spilling all over my desk.

Yeah, last week I cleared all the stuff out of my storage unit and moved it into my room here. My room is still a mess. A handful of boxes have been emptied and the contents dispersed. One such relic from my former life was a coffee pot. So I took it upon myself to see if I couldn't remind myself how the timer operation worked. And voila, seconds after the alarm clock goes off, I've a fresh pot of coffee ready to go. Thankfully, after two years packed away in storage, it all worked just fine.

I had been bemoaning the gross deficiency of quality java products at the local Wal-Mart just yesterday. In central Kentucky, the options are few. Then lo and behold, there's Father Pete pitching some free trade Rwandan brew I can buy online.

How serendipitous.

And it's a special lady's birthday. Be sure to drop her a line and wish her happy day.

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