Wednesday, June 08, 2005
From the essay "Reading Scripture in Light of the Resurrection" by Richard B. Hays (found in The Art of Reading Scripture, edited by Hays and Ellen F. Davis):
We do not gain a grasp of Scripture's significance solely through lectures on the text; we come to understand the death and resurrection of Jesus as we participate in the shared life of the community, enacted in meals shared at table (231).

And the following footnote:
[R. W. L.] Moberly states the point concisely: "Christian understanding is inseparable from a certain kind of 'eucharistic' lifestyle and practice. It is to those who are willing to live and act as Jesus did that the way Jesus understood God and scripture is most likely to make sense." Moberly, Bible, Theology, and Faith, p. 66. Moberly intends the term "eucharistic" to refer not just to liturgical ceremonies but to a broad range of practices that are "symbolically suggestive of the kind of action through which Jesus, the Christ, welcomed people and mediated God's kindgom to them" (p. 65).

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