Sunday, September 25, 2005
Work of the Office
From By the Renewing of Your Minds by Ellen T. Charry:
Christian doctrines function pastorally when a theologian unearths the divine pedagogy in order to engagte the reader or listener in considering that life with the triune God facilitates dignity and excellence. I call this the "salutarity principle." What is good for us does not always mean comfort or immediate gratification, although surely there are times when what is good for one is immediately gratifying. It takes until age eight or ten for a child to want to brush her teeth twice daily, for example. But in the long run, the discipline gives way to the realiziation that one is securing one's dental health, in which one comes to take pleasure. It is similar with spiritual health. Reflecting on the quality of one's life before God is a taste to be cultivated (18).

This sharply reminds of a conversation Kyle and I had just the other night regarding the Divine Office. Over the last couple of weeks I've been experimenting with the Divine Office in my house. By some ironic twist I'm having a hard time selling this idea of wasting 15 minutes in the morning and evening on Jesus to a group of future pastors and leaders.

How about this - Evening prayer: It's better for you than eating vegetables!

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