Thursday, March 30, 2006
A catholic community
Christian Ethics reading this week has to do with race and racism. This is from "A Vision of Embrace: Theological Perspectives on Cultural Identity and Conflict" by Miroslav Volf, published in the Ecumenical Review:
A catholic personality requires a catholic community. As the gospel has been preached to many nations the church has taken root in many cultures, changing them as well as being profoundly shaped by them. Yet the many churches in diverse cultures are one, just as the triune God is one. No church in a given culture may isolate itself from other churches in other cultures delcaring itself sufficient to itself and to its own culture. Every church must be open to all other churches. We often think of a local church as a part of the universal church. We would do well to invert the claim. Every local church is a catholic community because, in a profound sense, all other churches are a part of that church. All of them shape its identity. As all churches together form a worldwide ecumenical community, so each church in a given culture is a catholic community. Each church must say, "I am not only I; all other churches, rooted in diverse cultures, belong to me too." Each needs all in order properly to be itself."

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