Friday, May 05, 2006
I notice things
So there's this guy mowing in front of our house and library today. He's wearing a gas mask. A hardcore gas mask. He looks ready for a mustard gas attack.

This raises all sorts of questions in my mind. When did lawncare begin to involve chemical warfare? Does he know something I don't know? Should I be concerned? Does cutting grass emit noxious fumes into the air? Have I watched too many episodes of the X-Files?

I found Jason reading on the lawn later. I told him I didn't think that was such a good idea.

And Josh is wondering thoughts I was wondering, too, this week:
It turns out that even though I'm finished with 1/3 of Divinity School, they still haven’t started teaching me to be divine. I was hoping to be able to, at least, turn water to wine by now. I'd like to major in Water-Based miracles with a minor in paradoxical sayings. All they've been teaching me about is ministry, theology, history, and biblical studies. I assume we start cracking into the miracles and feats and such next semester.

When do I get to learn how to part the Kentucky River?

I mean, if I'm not multiplying loaves and fishes, manipulating the weather and walking on water once I'm done with these 93 hours of classes, I will be gravely disappointed.

If not that, what's a "Master of Divinity" good for anyway?

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