Tuesday, May 23, 2006
Summer: Day #1
School is all finished. Here's a brief recap of what happened in the last seven days...

> Took two tests in a single day--Ethics and history.

> On said day with the two days, I was summoned for jury duty. I whined about it being finals week and all, so the judge sent me back home. But that was an hour wasted that could have been used memorizing the principles of just war theory.

And man, I gotta say it bothers me how much the local county courtroom resembles the local house of worship I attend. Or maybe its the other way around. There are wooden pews. A wooden railing that separates the "speaker" from the "audience." There's "pulpit" on a stage where stands an authoritative dude in a robe. I think there may be a problem here.

> Wrote 10 pages on the Social Gospel and Walter Rauschenbusch. Wish I could have more time to learn more. Ten pages was just enough to get started.

> Wrote 12 pages that had to be whittled to 8 on 1 Samuel 2:6-10. Yahweh loves the underdog. That's what 1-2 Samuel are all about. Check it out.

> Wrote 5 pages on the normative sense of the Old Testament, in other words, in what way does the OT apply to me. You know that scene in the NeverEnding Story where Bastian first sees the book, and the old man tells him it isn't safe? Yeah, I think the Bible is kinda like that.

> Read a good 400-500 pages of history and OT theology. It was a long week.

> Saturday morning I donated blood. Two days later, the inside of my arm still makes me look like a junkie. But, I got a free ticket to King's Island, and I probably saved somebody's life. What did you do with your Saturday morning?

> Today I started working fulltime, and this is my fate for the next month: I come home from work, and I will do nothing.

And it will be glorious.

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