Saturday, September 04, 2004
Computer fiasco
This is a season of great anticipation. A vast unknown unfurled before me. And I will only see, taste and experience what I choose to. How do I prepare the way for the Lord? The only way I know how is to make him space, to carve out time in my day now for prayer and reading and reflection, to set a place for him, to fix my eyes upon Jesus and wait expectantly. Expectantly.

The computer fiasco is out of control. Dell canceled my laptop order, and the "customer care" agent can't tell me why. So I need to start that ordering process all over again. In the meantime, I could purchase a wireless card for my present PC, but the library can't schedule me to configure my computer for at least a week, and I need to start work on Tuesday. They recommend I use dial-up out of my room while I wait, but I learned this morning that there's an $80 setup fee and then a $30/month charge for local service, plus they also require you pick a long-distance carrier, and probably it would not be activated for at least a week. I don't need any of that crap. So I've got two days to come up with Plan C. And my most convenient access to the internet is closed until Tuesday.

Three days of orientation is finally finished and was approximately two and a half too many. All I needed was my classes and an understanding of my surroundings. But I'm in 4 classes (12 hours) Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, giving me a four-day weekend. At $330 for books, that roughly $30/credit hour. There's probably community college courses I could take for that much.

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