Thursday, September 09, 2004
It's all about
Not a bad day, if I may say so myself.

I slept through the night despite the nightmarish apneic choking sounds coming from six feet away. Yep, that's my name on the front page of Fox Sports New England (at least for today, near the bottom of the "Utopia" column. Thanks, Ed). Received an email that I qualified for a scholarship of 2 grand a year, renewable each year. Took the Bible Competency Exam cold turkey and passed with a 90/100 (needed 80 to pass). Roommate took off for the weekend.

Still no work though. I lugged both my tower and monitor down to the library to download and install the software and now I'm getting some infuriating error about FTP access. Were it not for the previous mentioned events, I'd probably be ready to through something. Yeah, so I'm sitting here in a library study carrol with my computer all set up. So, I thought I'd blog while I was here. I'm finally caught up with the events of the past week, so all this is coming stream-of-conscious rather than the scribbling in the notebook and getting backed up putting it online. Not quite sure where this whole blog thing is going to go.

The whole point here is two-fold: 1) to articulate this whole seminary experience, and 2) to keep in touch with my millions of fans around the globe... my friends and family, too. So, this is for me, to figure out just why this 25-year-old divorcee is now sitting in a seminary library study carrol and for you, to stare at me through the fishbowl. It may take some time to hit some kind of stride in terms of schedule, tone, voice and all those nifty writer techniques, as well as how I want to handle the anonymity of those characters who should probably be left anonymous.

I just feel the need to journal my seminary experience. I want to be honest and true with it. I still need to wrestle with all of this "spiritual calling" stuff, and work this faith out with all the fear and trembling I can muster. I want to make it less diary-esque, less devotion-esque and more and more just my life and all that that entails. Little o' this, little o' that. This may turn a bit into a reading journal for me to react with the truck load of books I'm reading and will read. So, we'll see where this goes. I'll keep the baseball to a minimum, as I've already got the outlet for that, but everything else is fair game.

If you've not caught them yet, I've got a photoblog, P.O.V., over at My Expressions. I'm having a blast with that, but updating will have to wait until next week when the laptop comes. Then there's the blog on the Seattle Mariners I've been plugging away at for the last 18 months. Check it, yo. And that's my shameless promotion.

And don't forget that you will not be billed for comments left on the site.

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