Tuesday, September 14, 2004
Revolving doors
Gotta new roommate.

I would really get a kick out of telling you that two of my swift ninja moves sent Snoring Roommate running away, crying home to his mommy. But that would be a big, fat lie. Didn't happen. What did happen, though, was that dibs on the Presidential Suite upstairs fell to him, and I don't think he thought twice. Big ole room all to hisself.

And I slept so soundly Sunday night.

What this means, however, is that a new fella arrived this afternoon. Have only seen him in passing so far, but as long as he doesn't interrupt my sleeping patterns, I think I'll be just fine.

Oh, and Dell sends me this email the other day saying my system has been shipped. The tracking info via UPS.com says it's supposed to arrive today. I check my post office box no fewer than 5 times today, in part because I have an elusive appointment with the library computer staff to have the wireless card configured to their network today.

But no dice. Now UPS.com says it comes tomorrow. The little leprachauns shoveling the coal that runs this interweb thingy are mocking me.

Update on the work front is, well, none. After the incident last week of dragging my HP tower and monitor down to the library last week, the conclusion was that the library's network blocks FTP sites, as most public connections do (so I'm told). The three-week vacation hasn't been so bad. It's the three weeks without getting paid that I find mostly inconvenient.

I've slightly more to say, but it will all have to wait. It's 11 o'clock, and while it's not like some self-imposed curfew, it is the hour at which the library says I can't stay any longer.

So, I'll cross my fingers that the notebook arrives tomorrow and I can return to my usually scheduled self-delusion of control.

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