Friday, October 01, 2004
I pulled off early today. Took your advice, went to a doctor about this cold from hell. He says 'You have a sinus infection, ten dollars please'. So I says 'I told you I had a sinus infection, you give me ten dollars!' Well that started an argument.

Okay. Maybe not. But it's not everyday I get to use a Barton Fink quote. Doc prescribed a Z-Pak and some hyped-up Sudafed. Ooh, and I got a 2-day school excuse, so I played hooky yesterday. Got back from the doctor at noon. And then slept until 5:30. Figured I needed some dinner, so I got up to eat. Then came back to my cave of a room and watched Robin Hood and Eternal Sunshine on my laptop.

To all of you who insisted I see Sunshine as soon as I possibly can, a pox on your house. Don't get me wrong, it's exceedingly well done. Jim Carrey's never been better. I love Charlie Kaufman's scripts. I just happen to have a dumptruck load of baggage that the plot rings a chord with like an Asian gong. I'm sorry, I don't relate to the character of Joel. I do the procedure. No hesitation. No second thoughts. I can come up with no memories worth hanging on to. That's just me, though. And that's the premise of the whole movie: that somehow romantic relationships define us to such an extent that we are not the same person without them. Can't say I buy that.

Got great news this morning. Today the first installment of my school account balance was due. Thought I owed $3800 for the semester and 1/4 of that today, which I didn't have. Found out that a scholarship that came in last week covers this first installment. Meanwhile, the fact that I have yet to sign for my promissary note means that total doesn't include my loans. So, I really only owe $780 for the semester. I can't express what a relief this is.

Got a late start to work, so it was a late night. Watched the M's game while I finished. Couldn't miss Ichiro break the single season hit record. He needed one to tie and another to break the record, and he got hits in his first two at bats. Pretty awesome stuff.

Took a break because she was working tonight. Provided backup for security as she made the rounds locking every door on campus. That took about an hour and a half. Then went back to the room to finish work, but Roommate was asleep. This is 8:30 on a Friday. Hope I haven't gotten him sick. So I went back to the switchboard with my laptop to work and provide her company and entertainment. She didn't seem to mind at all.

We play tennis at 4 on Sunday. I gotta feeling she's going to smoke me.

And what kind of a world do I live in when I get a girl's AIM and xanga ID before her phone number?

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