Sunday, March 20, 2005
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"Communality: An Emerging Church"

Randy Patrick of the local Jessamine Journal writes about Emerging Church by talking with Geoff Maddock of Communality, Alan Creech of Vine & Branches and Pete Matthews of St. Patrick's.

I particularly appreciate Maddock's closing comment:
While Maddock said he loves the emerging church, he isn't hanging his hat on it. Whether it has staying power, he said, remains to be seen. That will depend on whether it can "make disciples" better than the conventional church and eventually become more "multigenerational," he added.

"If it doesn't do those things better," Maddock said, "then maybe we need to move on to whatever God is doing next."


Some words from Paul about Evangelism and Hospitality.


"If Bloggers Wrote the Classics: Genesis 1-3"

Granted, if you don't frequent baseball blogs, you might miss the parody, but still, just read it because it made me laugh out loud.

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