Thursday, October 07, 2004
Is is lethargy? Creeping feelings of the uninspired? Have I hit the wall?

See, I have to identify the segment that Matthew 5:46-48 belongs to and survey that section for Matthew class. It's a class where I'm supposed to be learning inductive Bible study. I'm sure that I am, but it's just not coming to me. Which is odd, as that's the whole reason I'm here: to study and teach the Bible. But this class just drags so.

Maybe I'm just cranky and need to go to bed.

I'm mostly well, and in the wake of my illness is an assignment in this class that was due last week. It's just not coming to me at all. I spent a good chunk of yesterday staring at it. I think part of it is still grasping the language for these survey assignments--all these million dollar seminary words.

Ten hours a day of October baseball isn't helping.

I do believe the seminary honeymoon is over.

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