Saturday, October 09, 2004
A fall day
You know you've got a sweet job when this is the ceiling above you. I found a nice piece of the campus lawn between my dorm, the library and Stanger Hall in the shade. Those are three wifi spots, so as long as I don't wander too far, I still have an internet connect. Wifi is a beautiful, beautiful thing. And yes, I did get work done today.

Had my Good Will Hunting moment today.

Watching the Angels/Sox game. Sox lead the series 2-0 and with a win can eliminate the Angels and advance. 6-1 Sox, top of the seventh. The Halos load the bases with only an out. Timlin pops out Figgins.

It's Friday. That means she's working, and she makes her rounds locking up the campus doors at 7. It's quarter till. I watch Timlin jump ahead of Erstad with two quick strikes. Then full count. He loses him and walks in a run. Vlad steps to the plate as the tying run.

It's time to go see about a girl. I turn off the TV and walk away. I give her the game update and let her know what I'm giving up when I see her minutes later. She says I made the right decision. It's comments like those I have to fight from analyzing to death.

I find out later in the evening that Vlad crushed a game-tying grand slam to right center on the second pitch.

I didn't know he was going to hit a grand slam to tie the game.

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